Talk To Strangers – MLM – Success Tips #60

Talk to Strangers

If you are in network marketing , direct sales or home based businesses, you need to learn to talk to strangers. This may be harsh to hear if you just got started, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told that to succeed in MLM, you need to talk to strangers because soon enough, you will run out of family and friends to talk to. This is basically what we call the lukewarm market in the industry. Some call it the cold market, but I like to think of the cold market as people you don’t even see in person, those you call on the phone only.

Tired of Bugging your Family & Friends?

I know that for me, I started feeling like I was bugging my friends and family about my home based business but I know now that it was because I had to grow in my personal journey and believe more in what I was doing. In the mean-time, talking to strangers helped me a lot to get there. It was when I got Eric Worre‘s book, Go Pro, The 7 Skills to becoming a Network Marketing Professional where he talks about being in a hurry and complimenting strangers. I tried that for a while and got really good at it – I would easily get 90% closing on that – I mean, I’d get the phone number of 9 people out of 10 that I talked to.

Then later, when I went to First Steps to Success with Dani Johnson, I learned how to FORM people to find their SIGN and that helped me even more to understand why it was working for me as I was already doing the FORMing part at least – I still have to get better at finding their SIGN, but that will come with practice. Being able to identify their GEM also helps immensely.

What is FORM, SIGN & GEMS?

In case you are wondering, FORM refers to asking questions about Family, Occupation, Recreation and then giving them a Message. SIGN refers to finding out their Strengths, Interests, Goals and Needs. Finally, GEMS refers to a personality program that Dani Johnson has which teaches you how to recognize a person’s personality just by how they move, talk, dress and shake your hand which then allows you to know how to talk to them.

I hope this little tip helped you and I would love to hear about your successes and challenges. Comment below so we can get to know each other.

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