Eat Out – Relationships – Success Tips #61

Eat Out Once a Week

Do you eat out a lot? I know it’s become a common thing these days but we are also growing as a society and starting to realize how expensive it is to eat out all the time so many eat out less now and it’s not always easy to find the balance. If you remember that eating out is also a very important relationship success tip, it may help you to choose to do it for at least that reason. Keep in mind this can also be your date night.

Women need it more

Especially if your woman is a stay at home mom, where she does all the cleaning, cooking and taking care of the kids eat outduring the day, she needs to get out of the house and eating out is a great way for her to disconnect from all those household chores. According to John Gray, the relationship expert who wrote the book Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus, women need this because they are constantly thinking about what the family needs, when to cook for meals, what to get at groceries, now we have to clean up and all that. Even if she works out of the house, she has an instinctive need to take care of the home too. Men don’t need this but we love doing it for our wives. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, get out of the house – have a picnic or go to an inexpensive place.

This is one of the secrets from John Gray‘s audio book “10 secrets to Keeping the Passion Alive”. Other secrets are Plan Ahead, the Quick Response, Have Date Nights or leave little notes.

How often do you eat out? What are your thoughts on this post? Comment below with your thoughts, I’d love to hear them.

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