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Stay Away From Pre-Made Foods

I know it’s tempting to get those pre-made boxes of food but you really should stay away from pre-made. Those boxes that you just need to add hamburger meat or water and milk or a can of tuna are full or sugar, starch, chemicals (most times) and salt which we all know are all bad for us in the quantities that these boxes have.

It’s also good to stay away from pre-made from a financial perspective since it costs more that making meals from scratch.Stay Away From Pre-Made I also try to cook for a few days at a time since it really doesn’t take much time to cook the one recipe for multiple meals versus just for one meal. You can then freeze meal portions.¬†Especially things like spaghetti, lasagna, Shepard’s pie or chicken & veggie stir-fries. Dani Johnson talks about how to feed your family with $100 a week.

Cooking from scratch

Are you someone who loves pre-made? How often do you cook from scratch? What if you did it just once more this month? Make a Sheppard’s pie or chicken stir-fry, those are easy to make then yo can move on to lasagna or spaghetti. I’m sure there are a few family recipes you could master or check online what you are in the mood for and give those a try.

If you just do one meal from scratch more than you do now and each month try something new, it won’t be long before you are a pro!

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