Sharpen the Saw – Wealth – Success Tips #73

Sharpen the Saw

One of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people is to sharpen the saw or that is what Stephen R. Covey calls it in his book. What he is talking about is the habit of continually learning and re-evaluating your skills as well as learning new skills and techniques in your niche.

Would you let this doctor operate on you?Sharpen the Saw

Imagine going to see a doctor that has not read a book or been to a class in 20 years?  Would you feel safe with that doctor? I know I would definitely not. If that doctor would sharpen the saw by reading attending classes to keep him informed of medical breakthroughs and new techniques as well as re-learning his existing skills, that would make me feel good about being treated by him. Wouldn’t you feel the same?

Others would feel like that about you

If you’d feel this way about a doctor, a mechanic or even a butcher, why would you expect others to feel any different about you? This is why it’s important to sharpen the saw in whatever domain you are in.

Personally, this is why I never stop listening to personal development audios. That’s my way of sharpening the saw – I re-listen to same audios and always look for new ones. I love how YouTube and the internet now allows us to find all sorts of new content but take care not to overload – find someone you relate to and follow them.

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