Stay Connected – MLM – Success Tips #40

Always Stay Connected

When you start a University program, do you think it makes sense to stay connected and go to class? montreal_national_20160116 Stay ConnectedWhen you join a hockey team, do you think it makes sense to stay connected and go to practices as well as games? Well, in network marketing, it’s no different, you need to stay connected and go to the events.

Even though it seems different than school or sports, it’s the same thing – someone who will stay connected even more and go to weekend parties with their fellow students or a summer BBQ with their hockey team will have better success. Same goes for relationship marketing.

Brain washing?

It’s not always easy to see the importance of that and many think it’s all hype and brain washing brainwash Stay Connected(and those people will say I am brain washed for saying this) but it really isn’t. Think of it this way, the human brain constantly records what it is subjected to from outside influences, good or bad. If you study the mind, you will discover that most of our daily actions and thoughts are guided by our subconscious mind which we don’t control directly. This part of our mind is fed from outside influences. Feed it bad or good and that is what your thoughts and habits will become.

I choose to feed my subconscious mind good – with a choice to stay connected, to read and listen to personal development books and audios and to stay away from the news or TV.

How do you stay connected? I’d love to hear about your thoughts on this subject by commenting below.

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