Be The Example – Wealth – Success Tips #39

We should Be the Example everywhere

In all areas of our life, we really should want to be the example to others, be the leader, the one who others look up to and the one who others want to follow. Are you being the example? Actually, we are always the example, good or bad… especially if we are in a position of leadership, you need to be the example, the good example.

Think about it, if you are the manager, do you employees not do what you do? If you are in early, many of them are also early but if you are late, you’ll find many are in late too. Same goes for lunch breaks – how long are yours? How long are theirs?

They do what you do, not what you say

Of course, you might think they should do what you tell them to do, in by 9 and 1 hour lunch max, you pay dani Be The Examplethem after all, right? You’ll fire them if they don’t do what you tell them! I know, I know, that’s certainly one way to look at it, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not the best way to manage. Almost any success coach will tell you that you will get a lot more out of your staff if you give the good example. I mean, do you actually enjoy firing people? I bet not.

job domination Be The ExampleSame goes for someone who is not in a lead or management role, as Dani Johnson says in her audio Job Domination and in her First Steps to Success live training, no matter what your role is, you should strive to do your best and believe me when I say that your boss will notice what you do, good or bad. I’m sure you’d rather they see good in you, this is how you get raises and promotions so be the example.

What have you done to be the example as a manager, a leader or employee? I’d love to hear your stories and successes, please post below so we can get to know each other.

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