Use Social Media Automation To Get Massive Results – Blogging – Success Tips #95

Use Social Media Automation To Get Massive Results

Are you not getting the results you want? Are you wondering how others are getting massive results and you aren’t? One thing all leaders do is use social media automation to get results. They use various tools and if you start googling yourself for automation tools, you will find many tools. Some are great, others not so much.

I’ve been blogging for a while now but didn’t start automating until about 1 month ago and boy, what a huge difference. I’ve gotten 20 new leads and have more than 10x my twitter traffic! I wonder why I didn’t start automating until now!

Facebook automation

In the video above, I talk about scheduling your Facebook posts which is great because you can take a few hours and schedule posts for the entire week or longer even. There are other tools such as Onlywire which allows scheduling on multiple social media platforms and IFTTT which allow automated triggering of events. I use both these two other tools for Facebook automation. I will create another video soon on setting up IFTTT and using Onlywire.

Twitter automation

The biggest bang for me was twitter automation. Until about 2 months ago I had resisted using Twitter because I had twitter-followersdecided that I would use Facebook, Youtube and blogging as my marketing strategies. Eventually, you learn to master those and you can jump to other platforms. After seeing an amazing training on Twitter, I decided to setup an account and tweets-last-24hoursstarted following as suggested 1000 people per day and I got to 4000 pretty quickly, but not 4 days since I didn’t do the 1000 every day.

I also setup crowdfire to easily un-follow people and follow faster. I’ll warn you that using this tool sometimes causes Twitter to block you for a bit (a few hours I think) because it considers your actions spam-my, so watch your cadence.

I found I was getting a lead here and there, maybe 1 every 2 days on tweets-summary-last-28daysaverage,nothing major until I found another amazing training that talked about Twitter Jukebox! Now that is automation… you setup jukeboxes with tweets in them and it will tweet on your behalf!  That’s how I got from 90k impressions in 28 days to over 950k impressions! Quite a difference, and the month is not over yet!


There you have it – Massive results btwitter-summary-last-28daysy using social media automation! Watch the video above to discover how I setup these tools.

Please share this post if you have gotten value, I would greatly appreciate it. Comment below to let me know about your successes and questions, I’d love to hear from you.

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8 Replies to “Use Social Media Automation To Get Massive Results – Blogging – Success Tips #95”

  1. Great post on automating social media Jean! I never automate Facebook, but Twitter is something you should definitely automate – set it and forget it. However, it’s important to show up on social media and talk with people & respond to messages! Thanks for sharing this!

    1. You are absolutely right Jelena, being active is super important. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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