Have Getaways – Relationships – Success Tips #96

Have Getaways

If you are in a relationship, you need to have getaways regularly. Relationship expert John Gray say to do it once a month to keep the passion alive. I know it’s not always easy with kids, babysitting and finances, but you have to remember that without that, your relationship just might loose some of it’s passion and we all know how important that is with the busy lives we live today.

Swap houses

Even if you have kids and not a lot of money, you can swap with friends. Every other month, you go to their house and they come to yours with their kids. It’s important to do this not in your home, so having your kids go over to a friends house and you having your house on your own isn’t as good, this is why you need to swap houses with a friend if you don’t have money to spend on a hotel.

I remember one interesting passage in John Gray’s 10 secrets to keeping the passion alive audio book where he says that someone told him that it wasn’t smart to spend on a hotel when you are already paying rent or a mortgage. His response was that it is smart because your relationship is worth it. You can’t be completely stress free if you are in your home.

If you send your kids away and you try having a “weekend alone” at your home, you’ll be thinking about the yard work, the cleaning, the wash and all the other chores that you don’t even have time to think about when the kids are around, so it’s very smart to spend on a hotel for a weekend getaway.

Make it a romantic evening too

Even better when you have getaways is to include dining out and other activities you like have-getaways-relationships-success-tipssuch as dancing or nature walks. We like dancing and sleeping in, especially with the girls being so young.

Hope you enjoyed this success tip and that you will be able to have getaways too and keep the passion alive in your relationship.

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