What is Success – Wealth – Success Tips #97

What is Success?

What is success for you? I get asked this question and I always wonder what it is for others. Some may think that success is a pre-defined word that means one thing but I believe it’s not such a simple question to answer. Is it having lots of kids? is it having lots of money? Is it spending lots of time with those you love? It’s different for everyone but most of us would agree that success is accomplishing what you set out to do.

Is it about money?

I know that many of my friends and my family members would say that it was all about money for me and that’s probably because of the fact that they’ve known me to always be involved in some “thing” to make money. My entrepreneur friends know that this is not the case because they are also all in some “thing” and have been in many “things” themselves!

I think it’s curious when you talk to purists, specifically people who are against money, they argue that you don’t need money to be happy and I agree but I really think that in this day and age, we need some money since being happy is usually tied to having what we desire and that includes a home, furniture, a vehicle and most likely some food.

Make your own everything

I even challenge those that would say it’s possible to make your own food, your own heat and even your own electricity so, say, if you have a house that was fully paid for, you could be happy with all that. I’m not debating that it’s not possible, I’m just saying it’s a stretch these days… For example, even if you managed to build some wind, water ¬†or sun device to generate electricity, how would you fix it if it broke? Bartering? Sure, but you’d need to be in a community like that. Not an easy thing today. Same goes for food, you can garden and have a farm of animals, but it’s a lot of work

Let’s get to it

All right, with all that being said, what is success? As my daughter Katia-Anne so clearly says it in the video:20160313_142059

It’s about being happy with what you succeeded to do in life. You can’t be perfect and even though you may feel that in the past you didn’t do everything the “right way”. It’s looking at what you have and looking at how much you appreciate what you have that makes you successful. It’s appreciating what you love.

I don’t know if it’s because she’s my daughter, but I think she hit it right on the nail: being successful is really just about being happy and being happy is a decision to love what you have.

It’s true that success is different things for everyone but I think we can all agree that the foundation is to be happy. You can still have a ton of money and be miserable. You can be spending all your time with your family but be totally stressed that your bills aren’t getting paid. It’s all about balance.

What is success for you? I’d love to hear about it. Please comment below and if you got value from this post, please share with your connections and friends.

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