What goes around comes around – Wealth – Success Tips #18

What goes around comes around

If we remember that what goes around comes around, it helps us to think before we speak or act in situations where we didn’t get the best treatment we should not treat them the same way they treated us. Try to think that they might have a reason that, if you knew it, you’d feel that you might behave the same way.

If people are mean to you and you are mean to them, what good is that? I believe that whatever we put out in the world will come back to us 10 fold so if we are mean to people, we will get what we deserve just the same as if we are nice to them. In other words, what goes around comes around no mater whether it’s good or bad.

what goes around comes around
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So, if it’s true that it does really come back in one way of another, wouldn’t you rather it be in a good way? It’s like Jim Rohn says in the seed and the sewer story, Sew good seeds and you will reap good crops.

Let me know of your stories, good or bad, when you can truly say what goes around comes around and share this post.

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